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For over twenty five years we have communicated the advantages of overseas products in a manner that doesn't seem - foreign

In the global economy, whether a manufacturer is based in Europe, Russia or America, it soon realizes that more than half its market is located overseas.

Knowledgeable manufacturers realize that foreign market share can mean long term financial security. They also recognize that research, strategic partners, key customers, legal assistance and marketing are all essential for truly successful global expansion.

We provide clients with much needed "local knowledge" and contacts. For example:

  • We have explained to Swedish and French fire equipment manufacturers the feature benefits American firefighters wish to see in their product and how to communicate them via the media.
  • We have “Americanized” Russian websites, and then advertised Russian business software to the North American market.
  • We have successfully described, in the Russian language, a little understood American renewable energy equipment to large farmers and international financial groups in Ukraine.

Our quarter century of international business networking enables us to assist clients in all areas necessary for success. If our team can't provide a strategic relationship or service ourselves - we add an experienced professional from our network who can.


Russia/CIS - Россия/СНГ
Our work in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), as well as the ability to speak conversational Russian, put us in ideal position to assist Russian/American business development. »

For more than twenty five years we have worked with successful manufacturers based in Europe to help them expand into the North American B2B market. »

Past work for U.S. companies has included many industry categories including alternative energy, hotel/travel and safety equipment. »