Everyone needs a good “elevator pitch”, and we think we found a good way to do it! Determining a common thread after thirty five years of international marketing took some thought. Over time we have worked with various clients in various countries in various industries. There was safety equipment, software and renewable energy. Sprinkled in were more unusual categories such as commodities trading and a national public relations campaign in the former Soviet Union!

But finally we decided what we have always done is “Americanize” foreign manufacturers to achieve maximum market penetration and acceptance in the USA. So this should be the focus.


Typically, this has involved some combination of market research, contacting strategic partners and identifying key customers. It also has included lead development, search engine optimization and direct sales. We have found ourselves the acting “Director of Marketing”, “Director of Sales – Northeast USA” and “Director of Advertising and Public Relations” for our foreign clients in America.

Sometimes we reversed direction, for example by becoming the “Director of Sales – Eurasia” for  a California manufacturer seeking more business…overseas.

Apparently, international marketing extended to this video – produced by a Korean led company with a Russian animator working out of New Zealand!

Muir Marketing (center) watching presentations by its Russian software client to new American customers at Chicago trade show.
Our California client, RCM Digesters, signed an agreement with Beijing company Jianyan to sell their digesters in China. Muir developed this strategic partnership, then successfully negotiated the contract.