Helping a Siberian Software Developer Reach North America


Assisting Customer’s Canvas at the primary Print Industry exhibition in Chicago, USA. From left, J. Muir, A. Simontsev F. Svortskov and D. Sevostyanov

Aurigma is a company started in Tomsk, Russia (Siberia) by three young entrepreneurs. After they realized most of their potential sales were in the USA, one moved to the Washington D.C. area and studied the language and culture. Smart and motivated, they “knew what they did not know” and that specifically was how to effectively promote themselves to the American Printing industry.

Earlier in this “News” section we announced our research and consulting work for their Graphics Mill software. Customer’s Canvas is another Aurigma product. It provides web2print solutions for the print industry and sold well strictly on word of mouth and search engine optimization.Customer’s Canvas needed market research, then interaction with B2B media such as “Printing Impressions” and “Printing News”. We recommended creating articles and multiple white papers about three key product benefits.

Muir pushed this content to editorial departments in multiple publications. We also assisted at the Print Industry’s annual international exhibition in Chicago to study additional promotional opportunities.

Muir consulted with the team at Customer’s Canvas regarding booth design and American techniques to maximize response at a major print industry exhibition in Chicago.