Partner Tom Shernow burning the midnight oil years ago as he still does today.

We sometimes work for local companies and years ago created a website for a leading business accounting firm in our home state of Connecticut – Whitten, Horton and Gibney. The idea was to add excitement to what Monty Python referred to a “terribly dull” profession. So we created the “hands -on business accounting” concept with morphing images of animated conversations, client visits and “rolled up sleeves” late night business calls.

The concept worked so well that over the years WH&G didn’t want to modify the website one bit. But since employees sometimes come and go, and web design evolves, it is now time. The website will soon be updated with current photos and the latest search engine optimization to land these hands-on accountants on the first page of Google searches. In fact, here it is! New WH+G site.