PlanET Biogas
Vreden, Germany

Large PlanET digester tank in North America. Processes manure of 1,300 cows.
Ron and Dustin Machia in their new barn in northern Vermont. The farm has chosen a 360kW PlanET digester for their 1,200 cow site.
Alec Martin at Bullis farm in Grand Isle, VT
Friend and colleague Alec Martin assisting at Bullis Farm on Grand Isle, Vermont on the banks of Lake Champlain.

Biogas facilities, or anaerobic digesters, convert manure and other organic waste into electricity, natural gas, heat, animal bedding, soil amendment for nurseries and organic fertilizer with 90% odor reduction.

We were offered the opportunity to lead the sales effort of PlanET in the most populous region of USA. Having worked with a smaller American based digester company, where we sold three farm digesters in 2016/2017 (total over $12,000,000), we were ready to step up!

Our services to date include direct sales to key customers, project development and targeted communications. Six farms have signed with MMS to have our sister company, Agricultural Digesters LLC, develop PlanET digesters at their farms. They will greatly increase PlanET’s brand awareness and market share in the USA.