Formal representation agreement signing at RCM offices in Oakland, California.

Beijing company Jianyan exclusively represented RCM digesters in China. As “Director of Business Development”, Muir developed this strategic partnership, then edited and helped negotiate the contract.

While Muir Marketing’s work has historically been assisting foreign manufacturers to expand in North America, much time in recent years has been spent helping this American manufacturer internationally. MMS found it a natural step to utilize its established international network to pursue projects on behalf of RCM.

MMS provided proposals and interacted (by phone, email and Skype) with developers and agents in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, England, New Guinea, Taiwan, Guam, India, Pakistan and China. Also, they made face to face sales presentations (see below) in Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Greece, China and the Northeast, USA on behalf of RCM.

Services included direct sales to international and domestic customers, trade exhibition representation and sales material creation. Contracts were signed to develop four digesters totaling more than $12 million.

Scientific Practical Center for Agricultural Mechanization

MMS colleague Xaydar Mouktarov (right) speaking with member of the Scientific Practical Center for Agricultural Mechanization (Belarus) about RCM’s technology at an agricultural trade show in Moscow. As in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, pig waste in Belarus is an environmental problem and the cause of government fines. Fines can be avoided and electricity and reliable heat produced with biogas.

Group photo following tour of farms in Izmir, Turkey owned by YASAR, a major agricultural holding company. The American/Turkish developer came to MMS for separate anaerobic digesters to manage the manure at three sites. Turkey is the world’s eighth largest producer of milk.

discussing the conversion of Russia’s pig manure into energy with the President of America’s oldest anaerobic digester company, RCM Digesters.

Friend and colleague Dmitry Beskurinikov (left) owner of Russian American Trade and Investment Consulting (Washington D.C.). He was discussing the conversion of Russia’s pig manure into energy with the President of America’s oldest anaerobic digester company. The engine room was heated by a combined heat and power generator fueled by pig manure from the farm outside.

Meeting with Ilias Papageorgiadis, President of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO) in Bucharest. Until 2013 Romania offered the highest prices (green tariff) for electricity – over 40 cents/kW.

Director of Sales and Marketing – Eurasia

Muir functioned as “Director of Sales and Marketing – Eurasia” for RCM Digesters. Pictured left in Washington D.C with Chinese agricultural delegation from Shanxi Province and a representative of NuCloud Energy, a Chinese/American renewable energy developer. The tour of biogas facilities in Pennsylvania was conducted by MMS.


Marco Florian (left) of ENAD Engineering and Greek developer seeking to build three, three mw anaerobic digesters using only corn silage as feedstock. Unlike America, corn serves in Europe as an affordable, purpose grown feedstock for biogas production.

Asian Biogas Contacts

Representatives from Taiwanese government during tour of an RCM digester in Pennsylvania. They are standing on the membrane cover which swells during maximum biogas production. Manure storage lagoon is in background. Due to odor reduction homes continue to be built near this farm.

Visiting farm with 40,000 pigs of various sizes outside Chisinau, Moldova. Cold temperatures can easily kill off a pig farmer’s young stock. Heat produced by a digester ensures reliable warmth.

Bulgarian Biogas

Developers of a Bulgarian biogas project utilizing orchard waste. Fruits are harvested on a rotating schedule insuring even crop waste quantities each month.

The base of Mount Olympus was the site of one future digester. It was to process the manure from black pigs related to those slaughtered by Alexander the Great before he set off to the East. Construction problems often develop due to the many artifacts buried in this part of Greece.

Finance is always an issue for foreign renewable energy projects and Muir Marketing’s contacts in Washington D.C. know how best to apply for American investment funds from such groups as OPIC, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

East meets West as Russian pig farmer from Voronezh (left) visits American pig farmer in central Pennsylvania. Muir hosted and translated for the Russian farmer for two days – visiting various biogas facilities in the northeast.