Publicizing Energy Infrastructure Improvement in the Georgian Republic

Translation of television commercial:He learns for education. She fights for survival. He works for success. She gets ready for victory – and they need our energy. UEDC – Taking steps to a brighter future.

International development agencies seek global security through local economic progress and stabilization
. Often, they finance programs and issue RFPs (requests for proposals). This includes USAid (United States Agency for International Development) and other international organizations such as EXIM (Export-Import Bank of the United States), OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation), EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and IFC (International Finance Corporation).

A component often required is a public outreach campaign to explain the value of a project to the local populace. Muir was hired by PA Consulting to integrate just such a campaign into their project financed by USAid in the Republic of Georgia.  In order to improve the reliability of the United Energy Distribution Company’s service, it was necessary for PA to “Americanize” and privatize service and accounting practices. This took time and Muir’s media outreach campaign was designed to encourage patience in the rural regions. The successful campaign was “Taking Steps to a Brighter Future”. Read The Case History.

MMS created television, billboard, print, radio and collateral materials, then placed them in the national media. The campaign drew an emotional response (especially the television commercial) and customers of UEDC were patient. The company was eventually purchased and upgraded by a large European utility. Certainly “steps to a brighter future” for Georgia.

Invest in Georgia Forum in New York City. Our client PA Consulting described the success of the public outreach campaign we created for the Georgian Republic’s largest electric utility, the UEDC. Our “Taking Steps to a Brighter Future” billboard artwork is projected on screen as Dean White of PA Consulting makes presentation.

Screenshot with spokesmodel from commercial “Taking Steps to a Brighter Future”.

Spokesmodel for campaign selected for his silver haired, authoritative look.

Directing photoshoot for outreach campaign on historic street in Tbilisi, Georgia. Model/spokesman (left) is looking toward photographer perched on balcony above.

UEDC Billboard in Georgia
“Taking Steps to a Brighter Future” billboard that rotated locations on major roads in the “Regions” of Georgia.

Calendar with emergency telephone numbers mailed free to hundreds of thousands of UEDC customers in rural Georgia.

“Taking Steps to a Brighter Future” brochure printed in Georgian, Russian and Azerbaijani languages to inform various organizations about the upcoming changes at UEDC.

Providing Renewable Energy Consultation to the Middle East (Jordan)

Pragma (web page above) is an international development company “delivering cutting-edge solutions for the world’s most intractable challenges”.

Just because a country is located in the oil rich Middle East
 does not mean it is indifferent to greenhouse gas mitigation or responsible agricultural stewardship. As a result, with financial assistance from USAid, a modern, integrated, agricultural park is being planned for Jordan by Pragma, an international development consultant.

It was determined that an anaerobic digester to convert the park’s expected animal manure, vegetable, fruit and slaughter waste into renewable electricity was an ideal “fit”. Electricity that can be sold to the Jordanian grid at a relatively “high green” tariff.

Once again Muir Marketing Solutions International finds itself bringing American expertise to assist foreign economic growth. Their friends in Washington DC recommended MMS, along with its sister development company Agricultural Digesters LLC, to consult on this project. They will use their international experience to identify potential revenue streams as well as suppliers who can maximize renewable energy production and other environmental benefits from the project.

Muir Marketing Solutions International

Above ground, complete mix, continually stirred tank reactor. One of several style anaerobic digester systems that will be considered based on climate, feedstocks, water availability etc.