Finally – a Smaller, Affordable, Anaerobic Digester

Game changer – $800,000 digester for farms of 300-500 cows.

A struggling dairy industry is looking for answers. Our client, PlanET Biogas, researched the market and found one – and it turns out smaller can be better!

The new digester model (VALENTIN) from PlanET features a tank that can accommodate a 75-100 kW generator.  It can process the manure of 300+ adult cows (or 200 with 200 heifers and/or food waste) The advantages are:

  • A price attractive to lenders who realize that digesters deliver revenue starting their first month of operation.
  • An environmental group will offer financial support or even buy the digester for the farm.
  • EQIP funds from USDA can be applied.
  • If electricity sales to the grid bring a low price per kW, these digesters can simply eliminate the farm’s electricity bill.
  • The farm no longer pays for bedding and has excess digested bedding solids to sell to other farms and plant nurseries.
  • Should the farmer decide to sell his farm in the future, the digester is an asset that increases the sales price.
  • If the farm is not sold to a farmer, the digester can be disassembled and moved to another farm.
  • Some larger farms will find multiple 75 kW digesters a smart investment.

Above is a brief time lapse video of construction which can take as little as a couple of weeks.

German based PlanET Biogas is one of the world’s most successful (450 installations) anaerobic digestor technology providers. Muir Marketing acts as PlanET’s Northeast sales director, so should you be interested, give us a call!