Increasing Foreign Market Share

Delivering the American B2B Market to Foreign Manufacturers

Muir assisting Dmitry Sevostyanov, Andrey Simontsev and Fedor Skvortsov at America’s largest print industry trade show in Chicago.

Every successful marketing firm finds its niche. In the case of Muir Marketing Solutions that niche became assisting foreign manufacturers seeking growth in America. The USA has long been the world’s largest, most stable B2B market and knowledgeable foreign manufacturers discover that more than 50% of their potential sales are to be found here.

Delivering Foreign B2B Markets to American Manufacturers

Negotiation session in Beijing regarding exclusive representation of RCM Digesters in China. Muir created the relationship and helped finalize a contract agreeable to both parties.

A natural extension of Muir’s work for foreign manufacturers is supporting American manufacturers seeking global expansion.  California based RCM Digesters was America’s oldest agricultural biogas technology provider. They converted organic waste into electricity, natural gas, heat, soil amendment and animal bedding.

International web design for Swedish breathing apparatus client. American market share went from 15% to 50% during 14 year relationship with MMS.

MMS has “Americanized” the sales and marketing of: Interspiro Breathing Apparatus, Trelleborg Hazmat Suits and Monark Exercise Bicycles (Sweden), Rollgliss Roping Systems, Giovanola Roller Coasters, Collamat/Stralfors and EcoLine Labeling Machines (Switzerland), Savox Wireless Communication and Protek Safety Gloves (Finland), PlanET Biogas (Germany), Bristol Uniform and Morganite Melting Systems (England), Gallet Helmets (France), Haagen Training Machines (The Netherlands), Viking Safety Uniforms (Denmark) and Aurigma Printing Software (Russia).

Business lunch with renewable energy company in Istanbul, Turkey. RCM engineer to right.

For three years MMS acted as RCM’s international sales force with farmers and developers in Sweden, Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Guam, New Guinea, China and elsewhere.

Danish Fire Suits
“Gymnast” artwork for American trade exhibitions. Concept, design and photography for Danish client by MMS.
black pigs in Macedonia, Greece
Rare black pigs in Macedonia, Greece. The owner wanted to turn their manure into electricity. Supposedly descended from the breed of pig slaughtered by Alexander the Great for his troops.

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