Exactly What Does a “Marketing Solutions” Company Provide?

Presenting PlanET Biogas, a German anaerobic digester company, to farmers at agricultural conference in Vermont, USA.

Cultural obstacles are difficult to overcome from many zones away. Nevertheless, both American and overseas customers expect companies to understand their culture and needs. In addition, if just one element of the sales process is poorly handled, a manufacturer may fail to gain its share of the foreign market.

To succeed it is easiest for a midsize foreign company to integrate the services of one trustworthy point of contact – a partner/consultant like Muir Marketing Solutions International. Just think of them as your “insurance policy” for market entry and development.

Director of Sales and Marketing – Eurasia
MMS representing American client in Washington D.C. to agricultural delegation from Shanxi Province, China and representative of a Chinese/American renewable energy fund.
MMS partnered its Pennsylvania financial contact and Alabama agricultural development client for a conference with Arkansas government officials.

MMS typically integrates the following services into a client’s marketing program:

  • Performs Market Research and Determines Feasibility
  • Identifies and Contacts Strategic Foreign Partners
  • Locates Key Customers/Clients Via their International Network
  • Generates and Develops Qualified Leads
  • Assumes Key Positions such as “Director of Marketing”, “Director of Sales – Eurasia”, “Director of Sales – Northeast USA” and “Director of Advertising and Public Relations
  • Conducts Direct Sales
  • Provides and Coordinates Local Branding, Public Relations, Trade Exhibition Presentation, Advertising, Web-design/SEO and Other Necessary Marketing Communication

More “unique” requests have also presented themselves. Over the years MMS has been asked to:

  • Obtain Grants and Find Financial Sources (for Renewable Energy Clients)
  • Locate, Purchase and Ship Specialized Equipment to a Eurasian Scientific Research Group
  • Address American Travel Agents to Promote a Tourist Board (Caribbean Island)
  • Locate, then contact the American Owner of a WWII era bullet proof, light blue Mercedes. They did this on behalf of a wealthy Russian who wished to purchase it for his collection!

Television commercial in the Georgian language by MMS. Part of “Taking steps to a Brighter Future” rural outreach campaign for that nation’s largest electric utility.  Funding provided by the U.S. Government (USAid). Translation: “He learns for education.  She fights for survival. He works for success. She gets ready for victory. And they need our energy. Taking steps for a brighter future. Georgia’s United Energy Distribution Company.”

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