MMS coordinated “goodwill” visit of German manufacturer PlanET-Biogas to Vermont. The goal of GM Derek Hundert (right) and Service Manager Joe Middlemiss was to repair or support the digesters of competitors to improve the overall health of Vermont’s digester community. With them near Stowe is Alex DePillis of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets.

For over 30 years Muir Marketing has admired the motivation of European and Asian entrepreneurs. Each created a quality product and desired to sell it in a country (America) they did not know well.

Some foreign clients have experienced limited success without “Americanizing” their message. However, by incorporating this key component into sales and marketing, MMS further increased their market share. There are challenges, but if questions are answered and expectations established in the beginning, long term success is likely.

Currently MMS is focused on the growth of two foreign based clients; PlanET Biogas (Germany) and Aurigma Software (Russia). Over the past thirty years, however, they have helped “Americanize” numerous international manufacturers on a full service or project basis. Follow the link below for work samples:

Portfolio of work performed for European based manufacturers.

MMS assisting Customer’s Canvas software (Siberia, Russia) at America’s largest annual trade show for the print industry in Chicago. Services included consultation on booth design and interaction with attendees. Muir holds the title of “Director of Marketing” for this client.

Ron and Dustin Machia at their new barn in Sheldon, Vermont. MMS is developing a 360 kW PlanET (Germany) anaerobic digester for the farm that will co-digest the manure of 1,200 adult cows with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream waste. Development includes maximizing “grant” money.