Recently, we came into contact with a European company seeking to do business in Russia – Beaconsfield Commodities Trading AG, with offices in Switzerland and the UK.

The CEO of Beaconsfield wished to actively trade oil in Russia, but required assistance. He knew navigating the Russian business bureaucracy required specialized expertise and that a wrong step could mean financial loss. Fortunately, MMS has an American based associate, KG Moukhtarov who earlier worked in the financial department at Russian energy giant Gazprom. In addition, we were able to coordinate assistance on the ground in Moscow with a Russian colleague with experience at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Amazon. So, we were well positioned to help!

Muir Marketing Solutions has established a Russian based corporation, legal assistance, office space and an account at AlfaBank (one of Russia’s most prominent commercial banks). Jim Muir’s marketing experience in the region and ability to speak conversational Russian, are also valued by the client.

KG (Khaidar) Mouktarov directs MMS efforts for Beaconsfield.