Marsh Motors (Mercedes and BMW)
Connecticut, USA

Photograph taken near the Thimble Islands on Connecticut shoreline.

Years ago Harold Marsh bought the New Haven County Mercedes Benz/BMW dealership. A new ad agency, Muir Advertising (later Muir Marketing Solutions Intl.), conducted qualitative market research which indicated that the only real difference between competing luxury car dealers was perceived to be service – and the existing reputation of the dealership was…..not good.

Our young company then created a mixed media “Serious About Service” campaign which included a series of personal, one to one, radio messages with Marsh himself speaking as the “new dealer in town”, promising a personal commitment to service.

Deadly serious comments such as “a stain on the carpet is unacceptable” and “our mission is to provide quality service” blanketed the airways.

Over a five year period we provided a coordinated media campaign including targeted radio, outdoor, television, newspaper and magazine advertising. People who didn’t even own a Mercedes or BMW became convinced the Marsh service department “performed at a perfect level” and during this period gross sales tripled.

Harold Marsh thanking New Haven County for a year of record sales.