For the third year in a row we assisted our Russian software client, Customer’s Canvas, at the Print Industry trade show at Chicago’s McCormick Plaza. Based on the company’s growth the last few years we doubled the booth space and added two more associates direct from the office in Tomsk, Russia (Siberia).

While show attendance was down, the number of qualified leads remained high. The strategy of having a second large monitor for demonstrations not only projected customer interest. but also allowed the sales process to progress. Rather than simply following up after the show with attendee leads who exchanged business cards, these prospects were at least partially sold – in Chicago.

To expand market share in North America a second show in Texas is being considered for 2020. In addition, contacts made by Muir at the show may lead to increased outreach to the significant Canadian market.

Jim Muir (center) watching customer presentations to new clients on both monitors.
Multiple presentations continued during show. Booth traffic was partially a result of our annual public relations campaign.
Letting loose at the end of a successful show and another year of steady qrowth for our foreign client in the North American market.