“The Sky’s the Limit!” After a year of hard work and promotion our Russian client Aurigma emerged a leader in the fast growing web2print category.

For the second year we joined our client Aurigma of Tomsk, Russia in Chicago to promote their “Customer’s Canvas” software. Customer’s Canvas is an editor for web2print applications. Clients now include major national and international companies. 

As in 2017 the Customer’s Canvas exhibition booth was busy. The difference was in 2018 potential customers already knew about the company when they approached the booth.

Personalization is a major trend in the digital print industry and Aurigma suddenly finds itself leading the way.

This year in a shortened exhibition we raised the goal of qualified leads to 100 only to exceed it with 116.

While in 2017 we often had to explain “web2print”, this year attendees approached our booth after being referred by existing customers or reading about us in the industry media. This told Aurigma that more free and paid media content is the way to go and they asked us to lead a more robust marketing communications campaign in 2019. The responsibilities of Marketing Director are handled by Muir.

America has always welcomed hard working entrepreneurs from around the world, let’s hope it continues to appreciate their contributions to the U.S. economy.  From left: A. Simontsev, D. Sevostyanov, J. Muir and F. Skvortsov.