Game changer – $950,000+ digester that converts the manure of 250-750 cows into energy.

A struggling dairy industry is looking for answers. Our German and Canadian based friends, researched the market and found one – and it turns out smaller can be better!

This new digester model developed by our sister company, Agricultural Digesters LLC, features a tank that can accommodate a 75-110 kW generator.  It is designed for liquid/slurry substrates and can process the manure of 250 – 750 adult cows. Most importantly, these systems not only eliminate the Greenhous Gases (e.g. methane) that cause global warming, they first use the gas to produce green electricity.

The targeted segment for this biogas system is small to medium size farms, an economically threatened sector that needs new revenue streams, like electricity sales or offsets, to survive for future generations.

Photo of PlanET system for dairy farms of 200-700 adult cows in France. The system is popular in Europe and Brazil. The USA will soon follow suit.