Finally – a Smaller, Affordable, Anaerobic Digester

Game changer – $850,000+ digester that converts the manure of 300-650 cows into energy.

A struggling dairy industry is looking for answers. Our client, PlanET Biogas, researched the market and found one – and it turns out smaller can be better!

The new digester model from PlanET features a tank that can accommodate a 75-100 kW generator.  It is designed for liquid/slurry substrates and can process the manure of 300 – 650 adult cows. The advantages are:

  • A price attractive to farmers and lenders.
  • Saves the farm thousands of dollars monthly – even while the loan is being repaid.
  • Environmental groups will offer financial support in the form of carbon credit construction advances.
  • In some cases, financial investors will buy a digester for the farm and share bedding and electricity sales/offsets.
  • EQIP funds from USDA can be applied toward purchase.
  • These digesters are largely assembled in advance. Much of the assembly is simply positioning and bolting components in place.
  • Operational maintenance is also simple, as little as 15 minutes/day when digesting manure only.
  • If electricity sales to the grid bring a low price per kW, these digesters can instead save money by offsetting the farm’s own power.
  • The farm no longer pays for bedding and has excess solids to sell to other farms as bedding or as soil amendment to plant nurseries.
  • Should the farmer decide to sell his farm in the future the digester is an asset that increases the sales price.
  • If the farm is not sold to a farmer, the digester can be disassembled and moved to another farm.
  • Some larger farms will find multiple units a smart investment.