For more than twenty five years we have worked with successful B2B companies based in Europe. In virtually all instances their products are of high quality and relatively expensive. These European clients realize that on average 50% of their potential international sales are found in the American market. Since the USA is also the world's most stable economy, market share in America equals long term financial peace of mind for European management and their employees.

Below are a few samples of our work for manufacturers throughout Europe:

Swedish Breathing Apparatus

Lidingö, Sweden

Swedish Breathing Apparatus
Brochures for world's first computerized breathing apparatus for firefighters. These were produced in 7 languages including Muir's positioning line "The future of firefighting…today!".

Can a German firefighter relate to breathing apparatus advertising depicting an American firefighting scene and safety equipment? Definitely not.

We chose to print Interspiro's sales materials in a variety of foreign languages, showing only the model's left eye and cheek. Now international brand awareness was increased while each fire department assumed they were looking at one of their own countrymen!

Muir Marketing handled Interspiro's North American advertising and public relations for six years before being awarded a variety of international responsibilities.

Swiss Labeling Machines

EcoLine Labeling Machines
Lachen, Switzerland

Logo, positioning line "Modular Swiss Labelers" and website produced by Muir Marketing Solutions

A Swiss businessman in the labeling and packaging industry saw an opening in the international market. As a result, he decided to manufacture a small, affordable, state of the art labeling machine. He felt that if information about that machine could then be effectively communicated to distributors and private companies, he would be successful.

Since Muir Marketing Solutions had a great deal of experience helping European companies expand to the US and worldwide, this gentleman came to us. A logo was developed that clearly positioned the company, printed sales materials (in English, German and Turkish) were designed and a professional web site constructed.

Just two months after opening its offices, EcoLine labelers were in production and flying out the door. Orders of more than $250,000 (US). were generated by the web site, brochures, trade advertising and press releases. Sales that more than matched budget projections....for the entire year!

Danish Fire Suits

Viking Fire Suits
Esbjerg, Denmark

Roll out artwork for American trade exhibitions.

The North American representative for Viking told us that their European advertising was detail-oriented rather than dramatic. In contrast, both the client and Muir felt that Americans who actually fought fires will be more concerned that their protective clothing be shown as light and flexible when in use.

As a result we chose a strong but improbable visual of a fire fighter performing on gymnastic equipment while wearing our client's fire suit. Spec details were left for the back page of product sheets.

German Software

MPDV Management Software
Mosbach, Germany

Management Software Brochure
First English language sales brochure for German software company.

MPDV experienced significant growth in Europe thanks to such prominent international customers as Siemens, BMW and Pirelli.

The next major hurdle is the U.S. market and MPDV asked Muir Marketing Solutions to start paving the way by producing American (not English!) "image" materials. Muir will also communicate with American divisions of those international companies that utilize MPDV's "Hydra" software in conjunction with SAP in Europe.

Swiss Roller Coasters

Monthey, Switzerland

Two page spread ad timed for America's largest amusement B2B show.

The majority of the world's theme parks are located in the US, but the best roller coasters are created at a small number of locations in Europe. Our qualitative research interviews indicated, that if American parks discovered a ride manufacturer was located in Switzerland, and could take a ride from concept to finished construction, there would be great interest. Accordingly, this double page ad projects Giovanola's in-house capabilities and also its Swiss location.

British Industrial Melting Systems

Morganite Crucible
Windsor, England

Artwork communicating Morganite's "total melting systems".

For years Morganite Crucible sold crucibles (clay pots) for industrial melting. Unfortunately, Morganite's success and prominent name recognition created confusion - since they carry furnaces and accessories as well as clay pots.

Muir Marketing advised it was of utmost importance that all advertising immediately stress in text, image and logo that Morganite carried not just crucibles but "Total Melting Systems".

French Fire Helmets

Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne, France


American fire fighters are extremely traditional and love those wide brim leather helmets their grandfathers wore. We diplomatically suggested that they try helmet safety protection as modern as the rest of their fire fighting gear - something that will better cover the neck and ears.

Gallet was has long been Europe's leading manufacturer of fire helmets. However, despite ten years of trying, they had experienced great difficulty with North American market entry. As a result the successful marketing of their "Fire Knight" model helmet is listed on their company website as one of the landmark achievments in their company's 146 year history.


Russia/CIS - Россия/СНГ
Our work in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), as well as the ability to speak conversational Russian, puts us in ideal position to assist Russian/American business development. »

Our work for U.S. companies has included clients in the following categories; alternative energy, hotel and travel, luxury auto, home furnishings, media, gift, sports and fitness, real estate and not-for-profit. »